About Us

Alpha Bijoux s.r.o. was established as a private export company in 1998
and during the years have risen to become one of the largest exporters
and manufacturers of Bohemian glass beads and stones in the area.
We offer Czech glass facetted beads in more than 170 colors,
smooth glass pressed beads, glass imitation pearls,
hand-made lamp beads, Czech machine cut crystal beads and stones
and rhinestone items [rondelles, balls, banding, chains etc.]
Our items are offered in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

At Alpha Bijoux s.r.o., we distinguished ourselves in the industry through
excellent and professional service, high quality merchandise,
competitive prices and short delivery times from production.

Sharp prices are guaranteed due to that fact that we produce our items in our own production,
however, minimum quantities needed for production are requested for individual orders.